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Opium Network

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Trustless and professional ecosystem for decentralized derivatives

A universal and effective protocol, Opium network allows any decentralized derivative to be developed, settled, and exchanged with ease. Opium is well-known for developing blockchain solutions for decentralized finance and is based in the Netherlands.

Decentralized derivatives trading market is available for users with a simple Metamask connection on the web address:

Swap Rate is one of the products of Opium team. It enables users to get floating interest rates on DeFi protocols. It allows users to make swap contracts even if they don’t have a product yet, in order to earn some interest. At the time of writing, Swap Rate is still on beta release and supports a limited number of assets. The supported contracts include AAVE DAI, Compound DAI, and Compound USDC borrow/supply rate.


DeFi, Derivatives


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Year founded