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Path One

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All-in-one interface for crypto transactions management

Path One is developing an all-in-one interface and platform for users to get their transaction history across crypto exchanges and wallets. Its tagline is One Api, Making Crypto easy. Path One’s interface will act as the gateway to connect every exchange and wallets so users don’t need to manually copy and paste their transactions history. Path uses a powerful set of API interfaces to connect various data sources of the crypto ecosystem. With these tools, instead of writing multiple interfaces into different exchanges or wallets, users and businesses can use a single code as a single universal interface. The company competes with other projects that focus on the crypto tax industry like BearTax.

According to its website, Path One also offers other features such as a price tracker. But the core service of the platform is the ability to track funds through one unified dashboard. With this service, users get more data sources that can help them make better financial decisions. According to Path, it has served more than a thousand customers with more than $500 million in transactions processed. Due to its single dashboard feature, there is no need to import multiple logins or spreadsheets. Users can also easily see their exchange data with little to no effort. On top of that, it has a built-in tool for IRS tax reporting.

The company was founded in 2018. Users around the world can use it even if the project is focused on the US users based on its integrated IRS tax reporting feature.





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