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Fiat-to-crypto gateway for retail and institutional investors

Paybis is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom. Paybis allows users to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies using a variety of payment methods. One of the most popular features on the platform is the pay with card feature where users can buy cryptos such as Bitcoin with their credit card or debit card. It claims to provide the best commission rate in the world. According to its website, Paybis supports users in more than 180 countries and 48 US states. It is registered on the FinCEN Department of the Treasury, the United States of America to make sure it complies with the government regulations.

On its website, Paybis offers various advantages compared to other exchanges are: a high volume limit where users can spend up to $20,000 per transaction or $50,000 per month;
fast cryptocurrency payouts with a promise that there is no more waiting time before users’ assets are processed by the system; the best commission structure for all transactions with no hidden fees; various payment options that support more than 180 countries; 5-minute ID verification, and live 24/7 dedicated multilingual support team.

Paybis is generally considered as one of the oldest fiat-to-crypto gateways where users and businesses can access the crypto market using the fiat payment gateway. Since its initial launch in 2014, Paybis has become one of the most trusted platforms for buying and selling crypto for fiat, with customers around the world. It competes with other fiat-to-crypto gateways such as Moonpay, Simplex, and more.




Glassgow, United Kingdom

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