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Pragmatic Coders

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Blockchain-based development company for small, medium, and large crypto enterprise

Pragmatic Coders is a company that develops applications and services with innovative approaches. According to LinkedIn, Pragmatic Coders specialize in financial technology, blockchain, and cloud software development. The mission of the company is to ensure the quick growth of its clients’ products using the best knowledge and experiences. The company was launched in 2014, with headquarter located in Kraków, Poland.

According to its website, Pragmatic Coders can help its client in various areas, including but not limited to a cloud application, investment solutions, trading platforms, blockchain application, IoT system, mobile app development, and more. In order to give the best service for its clients’ Pragmatic Coders uses various programming languages depending on the problem that it needs to solve, such as Java, Agile, and more. There is a dedicated team for each programming language that will help the clients to design and build the solution that they need. Some of its clients are AccentPharm, Exchange Coin (EXCC), Webinterpret SAS, City Tour Polska, and Eldorado Hub.

At the time of writing, Pragmatic Coders has 12 dedicated development team that works together. Around half of the team are senior developers with years of experience in the field. If a client wants to start a new project, it only takes around 3 weeks on average for Pragmatic Coders to help them start the project. The company also stated that it also allows the clients to ask for one or two developers and then ask them to work together with their internal IT team.




Kraków, Poland

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