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Protocol Labs

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Developing the future of decentralized networks

Protocol Labs is an open-source blockchain-based research, development, and deployment laboratory. Some of their projects include the likes of IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and many more. The company said that it aims to make human existence orders of magnitude better through the advance of technology. Protocol Labs claims to be a fully distributed company. There are more than 100 members who work remotely to explore new technologies in computing and related fields.

According to Crunchbase, Protocol Labs develops software systems that tackle significant challenges, solving them with new technology breakthroughs, improved and better user experience design, and an open-source approach to creation. The company has raised a total of $3.1M in funding. The last one was raised on September 16, 2017. They have at least 12 investors including BlueYard Capital and Boost VC who invested in the last funding round. It has 1 advisor, Jason Whitmire, and 13 core team members including Colin Evran who acts as the Biz Dev & Operations.

On their website, Protocol Labs published some of their achievements including but not limited to 116K+ unique IPFS per libp2p nodes, 1M+ unique IPFS users per week, ~500TB IPFS gateway traffic per week, and 550PB+ Filecoin capacity. As an open-source and decentralized project, anyone can take a look and contribute to the code development remotely. Developers can work together or use the technology developed by Protocol Labs to build blockchain-based and IPFS-based projects, such as distributed storage with encryption, and more.


Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies


San Francisco, United States

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