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Protos Management

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Protos Management is an asset management and financial advisory firm that engages in investment banking, asset management, and other financial services in the blockchain sector. According to Crunchbase, Protos Management has 2 core team members including Bosse Rothe. The company stated that it gives investors exposure to professionally managed portfolios of cryptocurrency assets and DeFi networks. The company was launched in 2017 and since then helped more than 200 investors to gain exposure with the emerging digital asset class. Protos launched its first compliant “tokenized” quantitative crypto fund, the PRTS token, that is available for people in more than 97 countries.

According to its website, Protos Management was founded in Switzerland in 2017, formally registered as Protos Asset Management GmbH (“Protos”), and serves as a leading provider of systematic crypto and Defi exposure. It claims to provides a secure way to invest in cryptocurrency assets and DeFi networks that are systematically traded to over 300 accredited individuals, family offices, institutions, and more. It claims that Protos’s founders have 18 combined years of investing in Bitcoin and invested in the Ethereum ICO round, which can give enough assurance that the company knows what it’s doing. With its Quant accounts, Protos aims to systematically reduce risk while growing the size of its clients’ portfolios relative to their BTC & ETH benchmarks.

Some of Protos’s achievements are: more than 1 billion assets under management; more than 46 Web3 startups backed since 2014; 8 unique strategies have been developed and traded in crypto since 2016, and more.


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