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Cross-chain liquidity solutions for the future digital economy

Qredo is a blockchain company that develops cross-chain liquidity solutions for the future digital economy. The company said that its mission is to harness Qredo’s technology to empower visionaries and pioneers to build the open capital market of the future. According to Crunchbase, Qredo Protocol, the company’s main product, is a layer 2 network for tracking and settlement of digital assets that solves the inherent risk of centralized private key management. The company has raised a total of 3.5 million euros in 3 funding rounds, with the latest one raised on June 6, from a seed round. Some of their investors are Amnis Ventures, Maven 11 Capital, G1 Ventures, Tokentus Investment AG, Gumi Cryptos Capital, Borderless Capital, and more. The project has 5 core members, including its co-chairman and advisor, Anthony St John.

As a layer 2 protocol, some of Qredo’s services are:

– operating the infrastructure to deliver secure and fast movement of digital assets which further divided into three activities, implementing Qredo Protocol (a decentralized institutional-grade layer-2 network), hardware-based blockchain deployment in Tier 4 data centers in financial capitals around the world, and providing high performance, low latency infrastructure to accelerates any blockchain to achieve near-instant digital asset delivery without counterparty risk;
– provide technology solution and services for capital markets, such as trading/peer-to-peer trading, staking, yield earning, and more;
– integration with partners network, including but not limited to integration with leading institutional investors, brokers, OTC desks, exchanges, and OMS/EMS platform providers which allows Qredo and its partners to create new access to a new source of liquidity;
– provides regulatory and compliance guidance for institutional investors that allows them to navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, support for multi-custodial governance rules, easily operate with various KYC/AML workflows, and more.


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