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Ramp Network

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Connecting banks and blockchain network

Ramp Network is developing a platform to connect blockchain with banks. According to Crunchbase, Ramp Network offers a simple tool to make crypto purchases as a simple SDK built for developers. By doing this, Ramp Network will connect the open and closed protocol, creating a meshed, easily accessible network between the open blockchain financial system and the old, closed banking system, without any intermediaries. The company has raised a total of €1M in a pre-seed round raised on July 12, 2019. Some of their investors are Tomasz Kolinko, Firstminute Capital, Buckley Endeavors, Piotr Smolen, Matt Harrop, MakerDAO, Marcus Erken, Max Moldenhauer, Fabric Ventures, Lorien Gabel, and more.

According to its website, one of Ramp Network’s main offerings is the possibility to easily buy crypto without leaving their dApps or wallets. The protocol will allow better conversion and rates, which in return increase the number of users who are interested on instant trade. The company believes that with its technology, business can improve the user experiences on their clients’ platforms. With the protocol, business can slash-out drop rates, and allow their users to complete their transactions in minutes, instead of hours or days. Ramp Network also support KYC management that help business to protect and secure their KYC data. In addition to that, Ramp Network also supports various payment processor, including but not limited to Google Pay, Apple Pay, VISA, Mastercard, UPI, manual bank transfers, and more.

Ramp Network is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland.


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Warsaw, Poland

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