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Blockchain-based digital data platform for individuals and business

ReCheck is a blockchain-based business that develops a blockchain-based digital identification platform to help users and businesses to create a digital identity of their products, verify the history of items, manage guarantees, and more. According to Crunchbase, ReCheck offers safe and user-friendly blockchain technology for data exchange, traceability, and digitalization of the industries. The company claims that its solution is easy to use, with a plug and play approach, which is suitable for everyone even if they don’t know how blockchain works.

According to its website, ReCheck’s data platform helps users to solve various problems. First of all, it can help them by having the best fraud protection mechanism, where they can share data internally and externally without the fear of losing a competitive edge. With the protocol, data quality will be kept and data loss will be reduced, which will help businesses to save money and speed up their workflows. ReCheck’s claims that it can help businesses to save from 15 to 25 percent of their operating budget. The next feature is the immutable data on the blockchain, which allows users and businesses to secure their data on a decentralized ledger and built trust and privacy on their system.

ReCheck stated that the platform is suitable for anyone who needs a secure data exchange, protection of data integrity, and the ability to track and audit on the same platform. APIs & SDKs integration will be provided, which will help businesses to integrate with the platform quickly. There is no need to change their current workflows, software, or services. By working together with Block Materials, ipOcean, and other partners, ReCheck will work hard and provide the best blockchain experience for its clients.


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