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Ren Project

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Open protocol for permisionless value transfer between any blockchain

Ren Project is the company that builds Ren protocol. Ren protocol is an open protocol that enables permissionless value transfer between blockchains. It has several products such as RenVM, which brings interoperability to decentralized finance. RenVm is essentially a secure network of virtual computers, which enables cross-chain lending, exchanges, collateralization, and more.

RenVm uses Shamir’s Secret Sharing as a way to keep the data secret. To efficiently run secret scripts it uses secure multiparty computation or sMPC. It also has a fast decentralized consensus network based on Tendermint and has been tested for byzantine fault-tolerance properties. Ren Project is based in Singapore, with several key investors such as FBG Capital and Huobi capital backing the projects.


Cryptocurrencies, DeFi



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