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Riddle & Code

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A Europe-based company that develops solutions for blockchain interface applications

Riddle & Code is a Europe-based company that develops solutions for blockchain interface applications. The company claims that its hardware and software stacks allow its clients to master the challenges of digital society such as machine identity, product provenance, and supply chain management. Since its launch, Riddle & Code has been working successfully with international companies and institutions. The company was recognized with various awards for its technology and services.

According to Crunchbase,  Riddle & Code develops its own hardware and software stacks to combine blockchain with the highest security practices. With its solution, institutions, companies, and individuals can master the challenges of digital identities,  such as online fraud, identity theft, and other problems like cyber insurance, cyber risk assessment, token investment systems, supply chains, and so on. To further improve their services, the company also combines the power of IoT with blockchain. This is achieved by extending smart card chips in form and function to make them compatible with blockchain-related communications. By doing this, the company claims that sophisticated security measures known from the credit card industry will be transferred into the Blockchain world and the physical internet. Crunchbase stated that Riddle & Code has 4 funding rounds, with the latest one raised on March 1, 2020.

According to its website, some of its customers are Coinstone Capital, Wien Energy, Daimler Mobility, and MHP Porsche. Riddle & Code also established various partnerships with industry leaders including but not limited to Deloitte, IOTA Foundation, EDP, MOBI, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Schur Flexibles, IPDB, and more.


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Vienna, Austria

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