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Saffron Finance

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Advanced DeFi platform for your DeFi activities

Saffron Finance is a decentralized finance platform that exists to offers a new kind of DeFi platform and solves the existing problems in the DeFi industry. It highlights the current status of decentralized earning platforms that expose liquidity providers to complex code-driven outcomes. In return, network participants need to evaluate an array of catastrophic scenarios that could be dangerous for their holdings and lead to permanent loss. Saffron helps them by narrowing the set of possible outcomes and limit the risk of their exposure.

Saffron is decentralized in nature, with multiple services including but not limited to liquidity pools, DeFi capital adapters, advanced strategy, and so on. Saffron also has its own token called SFI which acts as the rewards and governance token on the platform.


Cryptocurrencies, DeFi



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