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Institutional grade platform for high-volume trading

SFOX is a cryptocurrency dealer that provides better trading returns for professional traders and institutional investors when they trade in large volumes, using smart routing and a globally integrated order book. According to Crunchbase, SFOX is a cryptocurrency prime dealer for professional traders and institutional investors. The company provides tools and services to maximize high-volume trading on exchanges geared toward high-level traders.

According to Crunchbase, the company has raised a total of $23.1M in more than six funding rounds. The last one was finished on August 16, 2018. As of August 2018, SFOX has a post-money valuation in the range of $50M to $100M according to PrivCo. The project has 4 core members including its co-founder Akbar Thobhani, with Matthew Le Merle as its advisor. The project is supported by various investors, including but not limited to Social Capital, Digital Currency Group, DHVC, Y Combinator, Upside Partnership, Joseph Melika, Oyster Ventures, Tribe Capital, SV Angel, and Nathan Blecharczyk.

According to its website, SFOX is the best place to get an edge in crypto. It offers global liquidity and best price execution from a single account, which is important for institution or firm who makes high-volume trading on a daily basis. In addition to that, SFOX also helps them to connect their access to crypto exchanges, banks, OTC, and other liquidity providers around the world. All trades will be executed with SFOX’s smart order routing engine which has access to the best liquidity, prices, and speed to make trades.




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