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Blockchain-based apps and software audits

SmartDec is developing a platform to audit smart contracts and analyze applications in high and low-level languages.  According to its LinkedIn page, SmartDec offers various services for its clients such as tools development for code analysis and tools for code recovering, smart contract security audit, smart contract development, software audit, online education system development, and more. SmartDec stated that it has provided more than 100 audits for its clients, focusing on Ethereum smart contracts audits. SmartDec is one of the well-known platforms for companies and the community to do a security audit for crypto projects and apps.

According to its website, SmartDec also offers a dedicated tool to find applications and web vulnerabilities. The SmartDec Scanner supports more than 31 programming languages including ABAP, Solidity, Vyper, and more. It can help businesses and projects to debug their code faster and easier than ever. In addition to that, users don’t have to manually install an app to find the vulnerabilities, since a link to the app on Google Play or App Store is more than enough. SmartDec also stated that the scanner can be integrated into the SDLC processes such as a task tracking system, and more. It also supports plugins and API calls to build a custom setup.

SmartDec claims that at the time of writing, SmartDec has performed audits for more than 200 blockchain projects, from simplest ERC20 token audits to audits of complex systems, crypto wallets, and blockchains. The audits help the projects and users of the app to secure their funds, which is valued at more than $1.0B. Some of SmartDec’s partners and clients are HSE (Higher School of Economy) University, Kyber Network, POA Network, Trust Wallet, BEAM, MythX, Zerion, Genesis Vision, Gladius, and more.


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