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Helping business to grow as a value-driven organization

SmartMinds is a company that helps businesses to change and develops as a values-driven organization committed to facilitating change.  The company stated that it focuses on three key areas; personal growth, organizational development, and future technologies. The company believes that only at the intersection of these, where they can see the path to a better world for us all. As a consultancy and education organization, SmarMinds delivers its services through seminars, hands-on coaching, and online courses. Some of its courses are mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health workshops to seminars on the implications of blockchain technology. The company stated that it wanted to aim to activate, educate & inspire the development of a whole systems design for business & society.

While not exclusively for blockchain business, SmartMinds is one of the companies that work together with blockchain companies. SmartMinds stated that it is in line with its mission to bring culture and technology together to transform the way businesses and organizations work and live. In addition to that, SmartMinds’s consultancy service is also necessary to affect change from the inside out. The company believes that change starts with people, hence why it is important to start with educating people first. According to SmartMinds, some of their clients already achieve exceptional results, including but not limited to more than 600% revenue growth, more than 200% employment growth, more than 900% stock price growth, and more.

SmartMinds was founded in 2016, with headquarter located in Harju, Tallinn, Estonia.




Tallinn, Estonia

Year founded