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Decentralized central bank protocol for the world

SORA is developing a decentralized central bank protocol for the world. The company’s goal is to empower the next generation of decentralized finance, supporting the development of innovative finance applications, under the democratic supervision of the SORA Parliament.

The project starts its development from SORA v1 with Hyperledger Iroha. SORA v2 and Polkaswap will be built on Substrate and planned to become a Kusama and Polkadot para chain. The company said that the network aims to become an efficient, effective, and permission-less network for DeFi applications, physical and digital finance projects. Polkaswap itself is a non-custodial auto market-making DEX built on the SORA Network, focusing on the interoperability to connect the rest of the crypto ecosystem to Polkadot.





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