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Space Elephant

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Building decentralized solutions for the future of blockchain-based financial network

Space Elephant is developing and designing software solutions for the decentralized and collaborative economy with blockchain technology. Its mission is to build user-centered solutions for the blockchain community, providing the best infrastructure for the decentralized network economy. The project believes that many aspects of society will be upgraded very soon, which will lead to a more decentralized ecosystem for the people. Blockchain will provide a solid foundation for this, since it is trustless, more transparency, and make collaboration and fair distribution happens more easily than before. The company believes blockchain will be the key to revolutionize the ecosystem used by individuals, organisations and worldwide societies.

While Space Elephant believes that blockchain is powerful, the current ecosystem is still technically complex and at the early stage of its development. It needs to be improved and allows the average joe to be able to use it easily. Space Elephant is doing this by building a solution for the blockchain ecosystem. Space Elephant designs and develops radically secure, inclusive, simple, and powerful solutions to serve the evolution of the blockchain economy and the general public.

At the time of writing, Space Elephant has two key products and services. Unikname is its first product, a European cyber-solution dedicated to secure internet platforms and protecting user’s privacy. Unikname is claimed to be a next-gen authentication solution based on blockchain technology. The next product is, which provides SSID (decentralized identity) and DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure) for the Unikname’s authentication solution. In order to achieve its mission, the project has established partnerships with various organizations, including but not limited to Digital School YNOV Campus,, Cyllene, BigBlock, Cryptodidacte, Emblock, and more.


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