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Blockchain-based data monetization platform for everyone

Streamr is developing a blockchain-based decentralized platform for a real-time data ecosystem. The platform claims to allow people to distribute unstoppable data streams over a global open-source peer-to-peer network and help build the new data economy. The company stated that users and enterprises can discover new ethical business models for user data, with scalable crowdsourced data sets called Data Unions.

According to Crunchbase, Streamr is a platform for unstoppable data-based decentralized apps. The company claims that the platform will make it easy for companies and developers to deploy scalable real-time messaging and analytics. The project itself has raised a total of CHF30M in funding over 3 rounds. The latest funding was raised on October 16, 2017, with an ICO round. There are 4 core investors, including Andreas Schwartz and Fabric Ventures. It has 4 core team members including its founder and CEO Henri Pihkala.

According to its website, users must use Streamr because they can monetize their own data. With the platform, users can unlock the value of their data without setting up their own custom infrastructure. A Data Union will be used instead, where users can sell them on the Streamr Marketplace, where they’ll get micropayments in return. In addition to that, the network uses a fully plug-and-play structure where new users can easily connect their own data streams to the global network. On top of that, the security of the Ethereum network will protect the users from faulty transactions and other attacks.


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