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Strix Leviathan

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An enterprise-grade trading tools for businesses and investors of the crypto assets industry

Strix Leviathan is an algorithmic trading tool and platform for the cryptocurrency market that was created by a team of seasoned technologists and experienced finance professionals. The company also has its own investment platform called The Nest Fund. The Nest Fund was launched in May 2018 and operates a systematic investment approach. Its primary objective is to deliver long-term profits that can compete with other offerings on the market. According to Crunchbase, Strix Leviathan develops a crypto-trading platform for companies and organizations like hedge funds, banks, and traditional enterprise companies who needs dedicated trading software but don’t want to build their own trading infrastructure. The company offers a strong algorithmic trading platform that executes programmable automated trading strategies based on advanced technical analysis. Its users will enjoy access to modern and advanced trading tools that are easy to learn and use. One of its core product is the Octopus, Strix Leviathan’s proprietary trading platform that is exclusive to its users and not available for external parties.

The company itself has raised a total of $1.6M on one funding round, a seed round that was finished on March 15, 2018. Their investors are Orion Henry, 9Mile Labs, Curious Capital, Founders’ Co-op, David Grampa, Future Perfect Ventures, Doug Baldwin, and Liquid 2 Ventures. At the time of writing, Strix Leviathan has 3 core members including its co-founder Lee Huffman who is responsible for Strix Leviathan’s technical operations.

According to its website, Strix Leviathan also builds its own data ingestion engine. It is a powerful engine that pulls trading data from multiple sources which can help to normalize data sets in order to develop the best trading strategies. Without the data engine, the data available will be limited and could lead to an error in designing the strategies. In addition to that,  Strix Leviathan also applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to the data sets to develop proprietary algorithmic trading strategies. Users will be able to choose strategies that are optimized for volatile market conditions that exist in digital asset markets. When they finished selecting the strategies, they can use Strix Leviathan’s trade execution engine via APIs to place and monitor trades.




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