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Decentralized arts marketplace for artists and collectors powered by Ethereum

SuperRare is an Ethereum-based decentralized marketplace where everyone can become an internet art collector. Artists can also use the platform to share and sell their creations easily and securely, using the power of the blockchain and smart contracts. Every digital art will be published and circulated in form of non-fungible tokens, a valuable token that can’t be duplicated and will protect its values over time.

According to the website, artists and collectors can use the platform just like other marketplaces. For example, artists can issue their artworks in a tokenized version on the Ethereum blockchain to prevent forgery and provide historical provenance. Collectors will then make an offer by placing a bid or buy it directly at the asking price. Collectors can then resell it to other buyers in the secondary market. In addition to that, collectors can also build their own gallery and showcase their own collection to other users around the world.

Every art issued on the platform needs to be digitally signed by the artist by creating a tokenized certificate. This is important as it serves as the guarantee that the art is unique and valuable for others. When the platform is live, more artists will be onboarded and there will be a lot of arts that can be collected by the collectors. Every transaction on the platform will use Ethereum which is fast and secure compared to other networks.




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