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A blockchain-based progressive streaming video-on-demand platform

StreamSpace or SWRM Labs is developing a blockchain-based progressive streaming video-on-demand platform. SWRM will use the blockchain and decentralized storage system to revolutionize the CDN and data delivery industry. The company believes that its solution will allow developers and businesses to provide quality CDN services at a fraction of the price of a traditional CDN. In addition to that, the company also promises high-speed delivery to end-users with hundreds of connected peers to send content simultaneously. Users or business can also participate in the network by hosting and running a node to distribute the data and content on the StreamSpace and earn tokens in return as a reward.

According to its website, the hybrid approach of content delivery and distribution can provide superior performance at a fraction of the price of a traditional CDN. The cost to use the platform is based on how much of the infrastructure a user uses. All of StreamSpace nodes will provide the best services and allows end-users to save up to 90% compared to traditional CDN servers. In addition to that, StreamSpace also supports file slicing into shards in order to secure them by distributing them across a vast network of StreamSpace’s nodes. By doing this, there is no central failure while the security of the data is still protected. Last but not least, since the network consisted of distributed nodes, there is no single point of failure, and if one or several hosts goest offline, there are others that can supply the content required by the network.

SWRM Labs was founded in 2016 as Split Media LLC by Robert Binning and James Baggett. Long story short, the company patented a secure method to maintain and access files in a decentralized network using blockchain technology. Robert and James decided to create a blockchain project for video content distribution called StreamSpace. The goal of the project is to create a data platform for distributed content across the Internet, such as 8K and VR, as well as game streams and many more.


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Texas, United States

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