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Synapse Int

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The world's first blockchain-based talent agency

According to its LinkedIn page, Synapse is the world’s premier blockchain-based talent agency. Synapse brings the world’s best talent to the blockchain ecosystem. The company stated that it has various clients in North America, Europe, and Asia, to search for and recruit inspirational team leaders to take their company to the next level. The goal of the project is to make great teams with full-time employees. Synapse claims that its team consisted of expert recruiters, sourcing ninjas, and personable account managers.

On its Crunchbase page, the company stated that Synapse Int is helping promising and venture-backed startups to recruit some of the best leaders, engineers, and marketing teams. Synapse has two core team members including its co-founder Cody Sklar. Other members are working remotely to help Synapse connect with their clients and provide them with the best services. According to its website, Synapse already made more than 1000 hires from software engineers to CFOs, served more than 22 countries, involved in the business for more than 6 years and running, and more.

Compared to other agency, Synapse claims that they are better due to some advantages, including but not limited to:

– providing dedicated Synapse Talent Agent with 24/7 personal service
– deeply focused on recruiting for tech companies
– using a unique blend of modern sourcing techniques, and relationship-based sales
– has a big database with more than 200k candidates in 22+ countries
– a high rate of job acceptance where 90% of candidates submitted to their clients receive same-day interview requests, where 80% of  our clients offers result in hires (more than 5x acceptance rate to;
– and more.




Columbia, Canada

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