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The world's first blockchain-based culinary platform powered by artificial intelligence

SynchroLife is a smart restaurant recommendation app developed by Ginkan, a company that specializes in the development and management of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology-based services. Ginkan stated that SynchroLife will use artificial intelligence to help users find the best restaurants as quickly as possible. The app is powered by its native coin, Synchrocoin, in order to bring game-changing services and innovation to the culinary economy using blockchain and token-based economies. The goal of the platform is to improve the dining experiences of people throughout the world and to be a game-changer in the restaurant industry.

According to Crunchbase, SynchroLife is a restaurant recommendation platform connecting users and restaurants through tokens. Ginkan is the first company that builds the world’s first social restaurant discovery service with a blockchain-based reward system for reviewers. It uses cryptocurrency to give review rewards and cashback for dining out to users while connecting users and restaurants to solve marketing problems for restaurants. The company has raised a total of $3.2M in 2 funding rounds. The latest funding round was finished on Jun 2, 2020. There are 9 investors who support the project, including but not limited to Ceres, MTG Ventures, Giftee, Aucfan Co.,Ltd, Orient Corporation, SLD Entertainment, Sansei Capital Investment, and more.

According to its website, at the time of writing, the app already attracted more than 210,000 restaurant reviews and 580,000 photos during its beta release in Japan and continues to grow daily. Other statistics are more than 100k monthly user restaurant spending, more than 19% of users posted ratings on restaurants they’ve visited, and more than 170k reviews published. The platform is already available in more than 155 countries, with users distributed in over 82 countries. The app supports 4 languages and currently, more than 40 countries have published reviews. Ginkan stated that it will continue to develop the platform and work hard with its partners, including but not limited to ABDK, Blockchain Labs, Starbase, Plug and Play Japan, and Latoken.


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