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An efficient, quantum-resistance, scalable blockchain network

Temtum is developing is an efficient, quantum-resistant, ultra-fast, non-resource intensive, and environmentally friendly payment network powered by its native TEM coin. The company claims that the solution can be used on a wallet-to-wallet basis, and also integrated into other payment systems.

To develop its solution, Temtumuses Temporal Blockchain developed and licensed by Dragon Infosec. According to their LinkedIn page, Temtum has been integrated into various projects including a BMW i8, where users can use the car as a full node in a network, without the need for additional hardware.

Temtum team consists of experts and industry enthusiasts who graduated from famous schools and colleges around the world. The company claims that due to its expertise, the team has established technical leadership. The team of developers will continue to extend intellectual property development by executing Temtum’s intended technical and integration roadmap. Some of the updates include the likes of blockchain sharding, staking delegation, fiat money integration via existing banking infrastructures, and smart contract capabilities.

Temtum competes with other blockchain companies and projects to deliver the best scalable and secure blockchain. It focuses on low energy requirement, lightweight blockchain data, feeless and instant transactions confirmation. Some of their competitors are Zilliqa, Harmony, EOS, Tron, and more.

According to its LinkedIn profile, the company was founded in 2016. The current headquarter is located in Tortola, Virginia Islands.


Blockchains, Payments


Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Year founded