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Tezos Foundation

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Promoting and supporting the development of the Tezos protocol

The Tezos Foundation is part of the community that fosters the Tezos Protocol and the environment. It aims to support developers, projects, and the Tezos project to develop and expand its ecosystem.

Tezos itself is an open-source blockchain platform for resources and applications funded by a global community of validators, researchers, and designers. It is based on the idea of a digital commonwealth, in which governance is democratized in an efficient and sustainable manner to avoid costly hard-fork scenarios.

XTZ is the native token used for all operations. The blockchain itself use a Liquid PoS and on-chain governance. Block generation is referred to baking and the validators are called bakers.

Tezos did its ICO in 2017, raising more than $232 million and was one of the major ICOs in the 2017 crypto asset hype. The foundation is based in Zug.


Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies


Zug, Switzerland

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