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The Give Nation

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A blockchain-based altruistic platform for the future of digital economy

The Give nation is an altruistic platform that encourages young minds by improving the planet through promoting transparent acts of kindness. The company believes that future generations will achieve happiness and sustainable financial well-being through an easily accessible mobile app. The Give Nation will provide children with real-time use of digital currencies using the power of blockchain and A.I. technology while rewarding them for accomplishments and giving back.

Give Nation offers various services to different clients. For example, its free mobile app allows kids to manage their funds. Parents can teach their kids how to save, invest, donate and earn more funds. Blockchain technology is used to provides transparency and safety. The company stated that it has established partnerships with reputable honest and dependable businesses, so the kids can purchase products and services on the marketplace. Children can also use the app to promote their favorite products and charities. For non-profit communities, parents, schools, businesses, and investors, this will be an ideal platform to support their kids by allowing them to experience the benefits and rewards of giving to others in need while learning and practicing personal finance.

The Give Nation also has its own digital token which will educate children on the future of money. The company believes that in the future we will use both fiat and cryptocurrencies powered by smart contracts. GIV tokens will be rewarded to children when they play educational games and other activities. This will educate and provide children with a solid foundation in sustainable financial literacy for today and tomorrow. Children can then use their collected, donated or awarded GIV to make the decision to save, invest, spend, or give, just like other currencies.

Some of The Give Nation’s partners are Tutellus, Blockchance, The Bad Crypto Podcast, Blockchain Heroes, WIBI.io, PAC Global, Timeless Model Management, Mass Media Division, Code Ninjas, and more.


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