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Decentralized cross-chain liquidity solution

Thorchain is developing a decentralized liquidity network solution. Unlike other liquidity solutions, Thorchain has no pegged or wrapped tokens for its decentralized cross liquidity solution. While there are no pegged or wrapped tokens, users can still use the project to swap between assets across chains, add liquidity to earn yield directly or run a node to service the network.

As a decentralized project, Thorchain does not rely on centralized institutions to serve the users. All transactions are publicly available, and there is no hidden fee or services. Users can participate in the protocol by doing various things such as adding liquidity in existing pools, create new liquidity pools, and so on. All of these transactions happen on-chain, removing the risk and the need for pegged tokens.

The project itself was launched in 2018. Thorchain headquarter is currently located in Zug, Switzerland.




Zug, Switzerland

Year founded