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Today in DeFi, as its name suggest, is a DeFi focused news feed for everyone. The project is running on Substack and everyone can subscribe to get the latest articles written by Danger. According to the about page, Danger, the author of the website and articles is a professional writer with an engineering degree. He’s been involved in the DeFi since its earlier days through Twitter and other channels. By building Today in DeFi, he wants to share the cool and important news in the DeFi industry with everyone who shares the same interest as him.

Today in DeFi is important for DeFi enthusiasts if they wanted to keep up with the latest development in the DeFi space. As most people know, DeFi and crypto move at the speed of light. Almost every day several projects are launched, listed on decentralized exchanges, closed, and new ones are kicked into development. Following this development with a will alone is not enough. Today In DeFi will help users to be up to date at the speed of DeFi.

According to its website, the goal of the platform is to become a DeFi media that is informative but entertaining, write articles that require only a 5-10 minute to read and respect the time of others by not sending spammy newsletter when there’s no important news. In other words, Today in DeFi will only deliver the most important news in the DeFi space for its users.


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