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Token Republic

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A decentralized crowdfunding network powered by NULS

Token Republic is developing a platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs and developers to build their business with fewer intermediaries, increase revenue, and gives more control toward the transactions and payment that they received. The company stated that it wants to help e-commerce entrepreneurs to make their customers happy by delivering the best transparent and fair system. With the power of blockchain, Token Republic wants to bring borders together and make it easier for businesses to trade globally without resistance, and provide virtual governance for globalization.

According to its website, the platform is designed for blockchain crowdfunding for businesses and entrepreneurs. It has several features, including an easy-to-use dashboard that allows businesses to issue tokens to fund their project according to their needs. It also has other options other than token issuances, such as NFT, P2P funding, rewards based on the business performance, and so on. Token Republic will use the NULS technology stack to cater to crowdsourcing on a global scale.

In order to make sure the platform works as intended, Token Republic are working together with NULS, TheWebCo, B-Pay, and TokenTrolley. With the strength of the partners and Token Republic ideas, the project aims to penetrate the crowdfunding market which is valued at more than $300 billion around the world. The team believes that their experience and with the opportunity presented by the blockchain technology, Token Republic can create a better platform for easy-to-use crowdfunding that benefit all stakeholders.


Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, Investment


Tallinn, Estonia

Year founded