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The best decentralized exchange aggregator for DeFi enthusiast

Totle is a decentralized exchange aggregator that helps users to swap and transfer tokens while automatically getting the best prices from decentralized exchanges. According to Crunchbase, Totle claims that it is the most convenient ERC-20 token trading platform. Totle will help people to solve the problems that exist in the decentralized market where existing options were complicated to use, had limited liquidity, and most of the time requires complete trust in a third party. Totle will solve them all and add another service that allows users to manage their portfolios at the same time. In other words, Totle is a crypto portfolio management tool and decentralized exchange aggregator.

The company claims that Totle is designed with three guiding principles. First of all, it focuses on usability. Users shouldn’t have to sacrifice design and ease-of-use to reap the benefits of decentralized exchange while they use the platform. The second value is trust. It simply means that Totle will only provide and connect users with the best decentralized exchanges that never take custody of their tokens or private keys along with good liquidity and other features that should exist on a decentralized exchange. Last but not least, Totle claims that it values transparency and will only provide products that operate with full transparency, from smart contracts to their revenue sources and use of data.

According to Crunchbase, Totle has raised a total of $1M in 2 funding rounds. The latest one was raised on April 1, 2019 from an equity crowdfunding round. Vladimir Danila and Arrington XRP Capital are the key investors of the project. The company itself has 2 core members, including its CEO David Bleznak.

On its website, Totle stated that all assets will be covered with Nexus Mutual up to 600 ETH if there is a bug on a swap. Totle also claims that it offers various advantages such as having the most asset pairs with 5600+ pairs, allows inventors to split orders across multiple exchanges to get the best price, easiest to use and build with, non-custodial, compliant, and transparent, and more.


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