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Unchained Capital

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Bitcoin-based financial services company

Unchained Capital is a bitcoin-based financial services company. The company offers various bitcoin-related financial services including but not limited to collaborative multi-signature custody, lending, and bitcoin trade execution for individuals, and cryptocurrency businesses. According to Crunchbase, one of its notable services is cash loans to long-term crypto holders. Unchained Capital offers a secure lending mechanism to long-term crypto holders in a fast, and transparent manner. It uses a multi-signature cold-storage custody solution to further enhance the security of the cold storage. Unchained Capital was founded in 2017, with headquarter located in Austin, TX.

According to Crunchbase, Unchained Capital has raised a total of $ 3M in 3 funding rounds, with the latest funding finished on October 26, 2020, from a seed round. Crunchbase further reported that Unchained Capital is supported by at least 8 investors, including but not limited to Ecliptic Capital, Visary Capital, Signature Ventures, Michael Komaransky, Nick Ducoff, Ezra Galston, Brian Spaly, and Starting Line. Unchained Capital Capital has 6 core members, including its co-founder and CEO, Joseph Kelly. It also has 3 board members, including its advisor Michael Komaransky.

According to its official website, Unchained Capital offers various financial services, including but not limited to:
– Bitcoin vaults, allow users to store their keys, Bitcoin, in a safer way to manage a fund or personal savings;
– Bitcoin loans, allow users to get a bitcoin-backed loan to fund users’ investments or pay their expenses without selling their bitcoin;
– Bitcoin collaborative custody, allow users to protect their bitcoin with on-chain multi-signature addresses and keys shared across different parties.


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