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Leading protocol for trading automated liquidity provision on Ethereum network

Uniswap is a quite popular decentralized trading platform built on the Ethereum network. It offers lots of unique features compared to other decentralized exchanges, such as automatic liquidity provision and profit-sharing for the liquidity providers. Since its initial launch, Uniswap has been updated to v2, offering more improvement and security compared to its previous version.

2 years later its initial launch, Uniswap is now the top decentralized market on the Ethereum network, having more than $250M daily volume, becoming the first-choice for decentralized exchange traders. Because of its decentralized nature, any tokens can be exchanged through Uniswap, and the platform itself allows its users to create new trading pairs. These features makes the platform a popular choice for projects who don’t want to spend lots of money to get listed on an exchange. Uniswap also provides trading fees to users that create liquidity on the platform.


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