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Decentralized finance and dApps powered by blockchain technology

VLabs or Volentix Labs is a dApps and blockchain-based apps development company founded in 2017. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. According to its Linked, Volentix is operating in the distributed ledger technology space as an industry innovator, especially on dApps development and the education of dApps developers. VLabs and its coalition which consists of various companies are leading the global development initiative with the Volentix Pillars (VDex; Verto; Vespucci; Venue) and the Volentix DAO.

According to its official website, Volentix offers various services, including but not limited to easy access to DeFi services such as instant swap, staking, and yield earning. The company claims that it aims to solve the problem in the centralized cryptocurrency marketplace, especially the losses associated with hacks and insider fraud in central exchanges. To solve that problem, Volenix offers a comprehensive set of user-friendly tools for direct exchange in an open and secure manner without any centralized party. The platform is also powered by its VTX token.

VTX is the incentive for resource providers, which is earned as a reward for running and participation in the protocol. The token will be bought from the marketplace, which removes unnecessary inflation. This will allow a healthy ecosystem that encourages adoption in order to sustain the ecosystem. In addition to that, Volentix also developed other services such as:
– Verto app, an open-source, non-custodial, multi-currency wallet;
– vDex, a decentralized exchange for trustless trading of digital assets;
– vDex liquidity pools;
– Volentix DAE, a comprehensive digital assets ecosystem, and more.


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Quebec, Canada

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