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A global content marketplace for premium film & TV content rights

According to LinkedIn, Vuulr is developing a global content marketplace for premium film & TV content rights using blockchain technology. The marketplace is developed in order to connect distributors and buyers of content across the world by allowing content to be showcased instantly to a trusted global community of buyers, reaching new audiences and new markets 24/7 using distributed network. The company claims that it is one of the few secure and cost-effective solutions for content buyers and sellers to go from content discovery to deal in days instead of months or even years.

According to Crunchbase, Vuulr is a global marketplace transforming the film and TV content ecosystem. The company aims to transform the business industry that currently valued at $240bn using the latest technology to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Through the platform, buyers and sellers can negotiate and make a deal directly, saving time and cost for buyers and sellers at the same time. The company claims that it is the largest futuristic marketplace of film and TV content with more than 130,000 hours of content & 10,000 registered vetted and approved users. On January 31, 2018, the company finished a funding round that raised more than SGD1M.

To speed up the adoption, Vuulr allows buyers and sellers to freely access the platform. Buyers, for example, can access catalogs anytime & acquire rights from hundreds of film & TV distributors in one place without paying unnecessary fees. Sellers on the other hand can showcase and monetize their catalogs by reaching qualified buyers worldwide.


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