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Wave Financial

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Digital assets managements for blockchain and digital assets technology

Wave Financial is a digital asset management and capital firm which focuses on cutting edge technology behind digital assets and blockchain. Its mission is to bring innovative people, smart capital, and great ideas to work together to help investors unlock the potential of digital assets. In order to achieve its mission and vision, Wave Financial offers various services and funds, including but not limited to an income fund, real asset fund, active VC fund, wealth management, and more.

The income fund consisted of Bitcoin and growth income fund, which is essentially a professionally risk-managed Bitcoin fund designed to transform BTC volatility into stable yield. Clients can use the products to make profits from Bitcoin stability and earn additional rewards instead of leaving their funds on their wallet doing nothing. The real asset fund is claimed to be the world’s first tokenized whiskey barrel fund that captures value associated with the aging of Kentucky whiskey. The next product, active VC fund is essentially a managed liquid VC fund that is invested into various crypto assets and has been in operation since 2018. Last but not least, Wave Financial also offers wealth management where it can help investors to manage their investment funds and find the best risk/rewards ratio suited for their profile.

According to its website, Wave Financial has established various partnerships with crypto and other firms including but not limited to Fidelity Digital Assets, Coinbase Custody, Silicon Valley Bank, Genesis, NEM, Richey May & Co, Campbell & Company, Stover, InvestaX, Capbridge, Tezos, Dentons, and more.


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