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Waves Protocol

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The ultimate platform for asset issuance, transfer and trading

Waves Protocol or Waves is a blockchain and development toolset for web 3.0. It offers a competitive platform for build decentralized apps as a competitor to the Ethereum network. Waves is one of the pioneers of Leased PoS consensus where users can lend their tokens to a node of their choice to validate blocks and get rewards. Users can also lend the tokens to their nodes. This consensus mechanism allows their users to securely stake from cold storage since there is no need to move funds and run a node.

Waves has its unique programming language called Ride to write smart contracts. Waves also feature Waves-NG to increase transaction throughput. Waves-NG allows easier token operations such as trading on Waves Exchange, faster transaction speed, and more.


Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies


Moscow, Russia

Year founded