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Blockchain-based data management platform

Wibson is developing a blockchain-based data management platform that helps users discover which companies and organizations have their personal information and gain control over it. The company claims that they give the power back to users, making privacy rights simple and accessible. The company allows users to decide which companies should delete their digital footprint and which ones can keep it. A digital footprint consists of traces that stay behind every time users use or interact with a digital service. Some of these traces are user name, email address, home and work address, phone number, credit card information, passport, and so on.

According to its LinkedIn page, Wibson offers several features to its users including but not limited to easy discovery where users can find and see which companies are holding their digital footprint, control their online privacy and select who should use their data and who not, learn about data privacy and how to be safer in the online world, instant notifications about new companies who hold their data, and so on. In addition to that, the platform can notify the users if some of their data were present on any data breaches, which will help them to change password and other personal data quicker to prevent other hacks.

According to Crunchbase, Wibson did one funding round with an undisclosed amount. Wayra is the major investor in the company since 2018. Martin Minnoni is the founder and CTO of the project. Wibson is part of the European Union project PimCity. The mission of the organization is to ensure that citizens, companies and organizations are informed and can make respectful and ethical use of personal data.


Blockchains, Privacy, Services


California, United States

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