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Montreal's first brick-and-mortar currency exchange

YapCX is a Canadian and Montreal’s first brick-and-mortar currency exchange specializing in buying and selling cryptocurrencies as well as traditional forex currencies. Users can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, other major currencies as well as CAD, USD, and other currencies on the market easily. The company claims that YapCX makes it easy for anyone to be their own bank, and make it easy for them to buy or sell Bitcoin and foreign currencies for cash without reliance on any financial intermediaries. Yap also claims that its one-on-one support from trusted experts allows Yap to exchange the clients’ money fast and securely, even faster than making transactions with an ATM. The company also offers one on one guidance for anyone new on the platform so they don’t have to be nervous and make mistakes when buying or selling from the market.

Yap also offers OTC trades service for those who want to make large OTC deals without affecting the market too much. It offers custom rates for anyone who buys or sells starting from a $10k trade volume, with dedicated supports and helps from Yap experienced traders and customer service. The company will connect users with the best OTC dealers to make sure they get the best rates for their trades. In addition to that, Yap also offers a franchise opportunity where businesses can take advantage of Yap’s all-in-one software solution, Yap’s branding, and dedicated support team to run their brick-and-mortar Bitcoin and foreign currency exchange.


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Montreal, Canada

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