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A blockchain-based global platform for free and private communication

ySign is a blockchain-based global platform for free communication and discrete conversations with a focus on privacy. The company believes that ySign provides an opportunity to stay anonymous and secure for anyone who is concerned with their online privacy. ySign is developed by a company with extensive knowledge of hardware and software, headquartered in Malta. The company stated that the team consisted of enthusiastic individuals with passion and creativity for blockchain, privacy, and information technologies.

According to its official website, ySign is a decentralized messenger based on blockchain technology. ySign allows users to make their private life secure again with no privacy exploit. ySign allows its users to communicate freely, securely and anonymously. A copy of users’ private messages and calls will only be saved on their own device. There is no central server, where private information could be stored. This will ensure complete privacy and security, and there is no risk of a single point of failure even if the server was hacked. In addition to this, ySign requires no private information. The only thing users have to do is generate an “ID key” and create a password to create new users and access the platform. ID keys are exclusively owned by the users. Users are the only ones responsible for the safety of their keys.

ySign app offers several features, including but not limited to:
– decentralized chat, allows users to connect with people all around the world through a free and secure platform with 100% privacy;
– secure calling, allows users to make and receive free calls by using the ySign app
– cryptocurrency wallet, allow users to store all of their cryptocurrencies on ySign integrated wallet;
– send and pay cryptocurrencies with the chat app and more.


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