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Crypto.com to Sponsor Aston Martin’s Formula One Team

Aston Martin’s Formula One racing team now counts Crypto.com as one of its sponsors. Crypto.com Headed to F1 Crypto.com confirmed...

Crypto Briefing 8 mins

Grimes Sells NFT Collection for $6 Million

Canadian musician Grimes sold a collection of non-fungible token (NFT) art for $6 million over the weekend. The collection of...

Beincrypto 14 mins

Thai SEC forced to clarify proposed crypto rules after public backlash

Financial regulators in Thailand may adjust the minimum annual income qualification for crypto investors amid public outrage.

Coin Telegraph 15 mins

Gaming Giant Ubisoft Partners With Ethereum-based NFT Platform Sorare

Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, Sorare, and the Belgian Pro League are building an innovative fantasy soccer league. The new blockchain-driven...

Crypto Briefing 16 mins

Crypto banking services provider BCB Group raises $4.5 million in new funding

BCB Group, a London-based startup providing banking services to crypto firms, has raised $4.5 million in new funding. The strategic...

The Block 20 mins

En route to $200K? Bitcoin closed February 26% above Stock-to-Flow model price

Bitcoin is actually overshooting the popular S2F model price as the month of March begins.

Coin Telegraph 25 mins

Bitcoin in pursuit of the lost $50,000

The second consecutive upward day, with green signs prevailing for over 85% of the major cryptocurrencies, describes a month of...

Cryptonomist 39 mins

Mapping out Solana’s ecosystem

Quick Take Solana is a blockchain platform designed for high throughput and decentralized applications Solana advocates argue that one of...

The Block 51 mins

Sorare: Soccer Next Big Opportunity for NFTs?

What will a $50 million investment bring to Sorare?

DappRadar 56 mins

Dash May Break $300 Mark as Number of Buying Orders Continues to Surge

The dash (DASH) cryptocurrency might soon return to a $300 mark against the background of overall bearish market sentiment, as...

Beincrypto 56 mins

An Overview of Perpetual Swaps in DeFi

Quick Take Since their initial launch in 2016, perpetual swaps have exploded in popularity.  Protocols enabling perpetual swaps in DeFi...

The Block 57 mins

DJ 3LAU tokenizes album, auctions it for $11.6 million

Renowned American DJ 3LAU has become the first artist to auction a tokenized version of his music album. The record-breaking...

Btc Peers 57 mins