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Surprise & Delight - The rise of the Exodus digital wallet

Sebastián Milla is Chief of Special Projects at Exodus, one of the most popular blockchain wallets in the world. Exodus...

Brave New Coin 42 mins

Fox launches $100M creative fund for NFT content creation

Fox has announced a $100 million fund under its NFT firm Blockchain Creative Labs, and is set to launch a...

Coin Telegraph 44 mins

Crypto Price Prediction: Is Ethereum About To ‘Flip’ Bitcoin?

As Wall Street giants and retail investors flood the crypto market, traders are trying to predict whether ethereum will continue...

Forbes Crypto 3 hours

Survey finds that many hedge funds plan to invest in crypto by 2026

A survey from the Intertrust Group, a Dutch trust and corporate management company, found that 98% of hedge funds —...

The Block 3 hours

Ethereum price bounce to $2.6K fails to excite neutral-to-bearish pro traders

Ethereum derivatives data highlights the lack of short-term strength as ETH price lags Bitcoin’s recovery to the $40,000 range.

Coin Telegraph 3 hours

Plebs Versus Patricians In Ancient Rome — What Can Bitcoiners Learn?

The ancient lower class struggled against the ruling patricians, much as bitcoiners struggle against modern monoliths today.In this memo, I...

Bitcoin Magazine 4 hours

PayPal Alums Launch Decentralized Payment Network that Connects Fiat and Digital Currencies

New firm Six Clovers seeks to enable organizations to instantly move and transact digital currencies. More companies to use blockchain...

Blockworks 4 hours

What we learned from the past week’s CBDC hearings in Congress

The House Fintech Task Force held a hearing on Tuesday about the future of central bank digital currencies. The gathering...

The Block 4 hours

Blockchain Learning Among the Top Online Courses Studied in India

In a bid to stay relevant in a world where technology is taking over, Indians have sought to empower themselves...

BTC Manager 4 hours

Searching for Alpha | How to identify, analyze, and verify new crypto projects | Full Video

Each month The Block Research team hosts member exclusive events covering the most important topics in the digital asset space. ...

The Block 5 hours

NYDIG, FS Investments file for new Morgan Stanley-focused bitcoin fund

In March, Morgan Stanley became the first big American bank to offer its clients exposure to bitcoin through a trio...

The Block 5 hours

Pandora Finance’s $2.4M raise helps spearhead open finance protocol

“Adoption has never been affected and never been stopped. The right product always gets adopted irrespective of market conditions,” said...

Coin Telegraph 5 hours

What Is SafeMoon and Why Are So Many People Talking About Its New Wallet?

If you've scrolled past the #SAFEMOONWALLET hashtag blaring on Twitter today, you may not have realized the token with a...

Decrypt 5 hours

Bitcoin And The Illusion Of Reality

The current metrics and systems posed by the federal reserve are designed to beguile and disguise the reality of money.A...

Bitcoin Magazine 5 hours

📉 Liquidations Whack Synthetix

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today…News:Liquidations Whack SynthetixAlchemix Allows Users to Stay Long ETH With Auto-Loan RepaymentZapper Zaps...

The Defiant 5 hours

Democratic lawmakers have formed group to address regulatory concerns around crypto

U.S. President Joe Biden is also expected to discuss crypto's role in ransomware attacks during his meeting with Russian President...

Coin Telegraph 5 hours

Goldman Sachs Expands Crypto Trading Products For Clients As Market Provides An Alluring Entry Point

Head of digital assets at Goldman Sachs says the investment bank plans to offer Ether options and futures trading as...

Forbes Crypto 5 hours

Bitcoin price hits $41K, then rejects after sellers defend the 200-MA

A breakout above $41,000 provoked selling near a key moving average but the move could just be a lower support...

Coin Telegraph 5 hours

Tim Berners-Lee to Auction WWW Source Code as NFT

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet would auction the source code behind his creation as a non-fungible token (NFT).

Crypto Briefing 6 hours

El Salvador reportedly weighing paying employees in Bitcoin

A 2001 law on monetary integration in the country states that salaries and fees may only be paid in colónes...

Coin Telegraph 6 hours

Crypto Accounting Is Changing – How Proof Of Reserves Could Improve Crypto Reporting

Could Proof of Reserves be the key to better crypto exchange audits?

Forbes Crypto 6 hours

The End Of Bitcoin’s Beginning

We are fast approaching sovereign state adoption as game theory plays out in front of bitcoiner’s eyes. This really feels...

Bitcoin Magazine 6 hours

The Cosmos Hub Roadmap 2.0

A community-led vision for the Cosmos HubEarlier this year, Cosmos completed its whitepaper, fulfilling its founding vision of blockchain interoperability, scalability,...

Cosmos 6 hours

Investors’ Bitcoin Sentiment Remains Positive Despite Price Correction 

Top hedge fund managers globally have revealed that they are very much bullish on bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins. The result...

BTC Manager 6 hours